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Tired of Twitter? Join Me on Mastodon

Twitter, the platform I once loved, has turned into a terrible place. It’s become a way to pervert the political discourse, to enable trolls, and to fuel the spread of conspiracy theories. And that’s just lately. Seeing people I generally like and agree with subtweeting and attacking others—on top of the world’s perpetually bleak news—has […]
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PS4 Pro 500M Edition unboxing

What’s translucent blue, plastic and full of goodness? This limited edition 2TB PS4 Pro! Sony is releasing this special console to celebrate selling over 500 … source
by Admin / August 18, 2018 /In News

The Mighty Honeybee Is Fighting Poverty and Deforestation in Zanzibar

Honeybees are industrious little creatures, schlepping pollen and nectar from flower to hive all day to feed their queen. But in the tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, roughly 30 miles east of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, that’s not all they do. Bees are helping local beekeepers fight poverty, deforestation, and the negative effects of climate […]
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Owning Guns Is Sort of Like Owning Rattlesnakes

In his short story “Rattlesnakes and Men,” science fiction author Michael Bishop describes a town where everyone is required by law to own a dangerous rattlesnake. It’s a scenario that he says is no more absurd than how America treats access to guns. “We lost our son at Virginia Tech in 2007, in the shootings […]
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A Costly CIA Mistake, a Campaign Hack, and More Security News This Week

There’s no such thing as summer vacation in security, and researchers started off this week by disclosing a problematic flaw in Intel processors that undermines the company’s so-called secure enclave offering, and potentially other capabilities like virtual machines. A different group of analysts realized that they could potentially take a power grid down by conscripting […]
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A Straightforward Timeline of the FCC’s Twisty DDoS Debacle

For anyone watching the net neutrality debate unfold, it feels like a never-ending, ever-evolving complicated saga of a complicated topic. So, here’s one more tick to track in the timeline: earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission’s Office of the Inspector General released a report saying the agency misled Congress and the public and last […]
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PK360 Grill & Smoker Review: Well-Built Cooking Excellence

It may have arrived at my home in a box delivered by FedEx, but from the moment I saw it, I wondered if the grill I was testing hadn’t been shipped directly from the set of some 1960s sci-fi television series. Like no grill I’ve ever seen, the PK360 Grill & Smoker by PK Grills […]
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