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Zippin’s Checkout-Free Retail Store Uses Cameras to Watch You Shop

The shop has no sign. Or rather, the sign is obscured by some kind of bunting. The glass doors are papered over. You gotta know what’s back there, like a speakeasy. Venturing to open the door, I find I still can’t get inside. Between me and a cramped 180 square feet or so of convenience […]
by Admin / August 20, 2018 /In News Is the Self-Driving Startup Teaching Cars to Talk

Horns honk. Hands wave. Lights flash. Fingers fly and eyes meet. This orchestra may seem a mess to anyone stuck in the pit at rush hour, but for the most part, it works. Humans may not excel as drivers when it comes to paying attention or keeping calm, but we’re masters of communication, even when […]
by Admin / August 20, 2018 /In News

The Persistent Myth of Speed and “Productivity”

Speed has tripped the light fantastic in America for more than 85 years. From Ritalin and Adderall to the twice-­methylated Breaking Bad stuff, speed seduces both overbright founders and scurvy garage-dwellers. But it’s not the drug for right now. Speed is not only deadly; it’s defeatist. It’s been two sobering years. We’d do well to […]
by Admin / August 20, 2018 /In News

The Globe-Trotting Show Bringing Science and Tech to Arab TV

A large yet tidy refugee camp rises from the desert near the Syrian-Jordanian border. Most people wouldn’t think of this as a hub of innovation, but nevertheless, a science and technology show has arrived with cameras and microphones. They’re interviewing officials from UNICEF who describe the techniques they developed to safely remove sewage from the […]
by Admin / August 20, 2018 /In News

Self-Driving Cars Should Look Down, Not Just Ahead

Self-driving cars are like snowbird retirees. Given the freedom to live, or operate, anywhere in the country, they turn their backs on wintry states and flock to the sun. There’s a reason Waymo, Uber, and even grocery story giant, Kroger, are testing their shiny new autonomous vehicles in southwestern cities like Phoenix. Yes, Arizona’s regulations […]
by Admin / August 20, 2018 /In News

Schools Are Mining Students’ Social Media Posts for Signs of Trouble

Aaah, the traditions of a new school year. New teachers, new backpacks, new crushes—and algorithms trawling students’ social media posts. Blake Prewitt, superintendent of Lakeview school district in Battle Creek, Michigan, says he typically wakes up each morning to twenty new emails from a social media monitoring system the district activated earlier this year. It […]
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Building Stratolaunch, the Most Audacious Flying Machine Ever

On December 13, 2011, Paul Allen, the reclusive billionaire and cofounder of Microsoft, stood in front of a group of reporters in Seattle and told them about his wild new plan. Wearing the tech-Brahmin uniform of navy blazer, dress shirt, and conspicuously absent tie, Allen made some introductory remarks and then rolled a video simulation […]
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Omarosa’s Possible Trump Tapes Top This Week’s Internet News Roundup

Bad news for those hoping to see President Trump‘s planned military parade this November: It’s postponed, perhaps because it was apparently going to cost more than $80 million more than originally estimated. And that was just one of a couple setbacks last week for Trump, who also got dinged by a federal judge who ruled […]
by Admin / August 19, 2018 /In News

This Week in Cars: Elon Musk and the Future of Tesla

If any one thing launched Tesla’s meteoric rise from a small Silicon Valley startup to one of the world’s most famous and exciting companies, it’s Elon Musk. Every scrap of news about the company now makes headlines, as its outspoken, tweeting CEO struggles to turn a profit. But, whew, even by his standards, this week […]
by Admin / August 19, 2018 /In News