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3 Laptops Powerful Enough to Take Your Gaming On the Go

Don’t leave your latest gaming obsession at your desk. With these powerful laptops, you can level up wherever, whenever. 1. Razer Blade The newest Blade laptop comes with top-tier Nvidia graphics, a quad-core Intel processor, and an optional 14-inch, 4K touchscreen. Razer’s customizable Chroma LED system lets you choose the color and animation style of […]
by Admin / May 25, 2018 /In News

‘Meaty,’ ‘Broad Band’ and 10 More Books You Must Read This Summer

This weekend, in case you don’t know and haven’t looked at a calendar in a few days, is Memorial Day weekend, aka the Official Start of Summer. That means it’s time for barbecues, sports, road trips, and reading. Yes, reading. Sunshine and exercise are great and all, but one of the joys of the season […]
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The Physics of Accelerating Spacecraft in The Expanse

If you like science fiction, I can recommend a show for you—The Expanse. It takes place in the not-so-distant future all right here in our own solar system. There are no pew-pew lasers or faster-than-light space travel. When humans are on a spacecraft, they either “float” around or use magnetic boots (except when the spacecraft […]
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What to Think About Before Buying a Used Smartphone

The companies that make smartphones would like you to believe that you that a brand new phone is the best kind of phone; that your life will somehow be lacking if you don’t have the updated camera/processor/emoji/virtual assistant button, all packaged in polished glass (the better kind of glass). But there are plenty of good, […]
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Four Rules for Learning How to Talk To Each Other Again

You hate me! I know, because you tell me so, over and over again. I’m infuriatingly arrogant, comprehensively mistaken, and blithely unconscious of my good luck. I’m a citizen of Anywhere, but reside Somewhere with you, and share none of your affections and loyalties. I don’t understand the difficulties of ordinary life. Most of all, […]
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Can a City Really Sue an Oil Company for Climate Change?

The city of Richmond, Calif. juts into the San Francisco Bay like the head of a rhinoceros looking west across the water, toward San Quentin State Prison and the tony towns north of the Golden Gate. It’s a low, industrial town, and 2,900 acres of it is an oil refinery. Chevron is Richmond’s biggest employer, […]
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Don’t Freak Out About That Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping Situation

On Thursday, Seattle news station KIRO 7 published a disconcerting story. A Portland family discovered that a snippet of private conversation had been recorded by an Amazon Echo and sent to a random person in their contact list. The report instantly sparked concern and outrage that Amazon’s Echo smart speaker is listening to and recording […]
by Admin / May 24, 2018 /In News