Our App Features

Appointments & reservations
Book a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Schedule a haircut at your local salon. Book a massage for your weekend getaway at the spa. Whatever your appointment scheduling need, we’ll help you get more business on the books.
Mobile shopping cart
Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with your app. Customize item photos and descriptions. Accept payments in-app, and set delivery fees and tax rates.
Loyalty programs
Over are the days of your customers digging through their wallets, attempting to find that worn out stamp-card that they lost months ago.Reward your repeat customers by typing a customizable loyalty program code directly into their phone, adding “points” to their virtual loyalty card.
Unlimited Push Notifications
Unlimited push notifications allows you to send exclusive messages directly to your customers’ phones – they’ll never miss out on an event, special, or sale again.
Food Ordering
Place ordering power in your customers’ hands with our native food ordering feature – or integrate with 3rd party food ordering systems like GrubHub, Yelp’s Eat24, Seamless, MyCheck, or OnlineOrdering.com.
Powerful Admin
Awesomely Powerful User CMS

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